ClueJar is a little games company based in Australia. We make games that think outside the jar.


How to use bitmap fonts in InDesign


InDesign now supports bitmap fonts, that’s great! We used bitmap fonts to great effect in our word game Good Interesting Fun Times. But you will likely run into a few... more...

How I Made Delivery Duck


I freely admit it, making a board game was much more work than I thought it was going to be. But after 2 years I’m still here making and playing... more...


Our experience at SPIEL 2016


SPIEL was intense. It takes 10 minutes to walk from one side to the other. This place is so much fun just to walk around. This was our first time... more...


GIFT @ Queen of Spades

The lovely folks over at Queen of Spades board game bar are having a games night with GIFT as a featured game! It’s 2 to 6 players and there will... more...

GIFT @ HoGS Winter Gamesfest

Every year the kind folks at HoGS run 2 days of tabletop. Many games are available to play… and GIFT will be one of them! Bring your friends, bring your... more...

ClueJar @ PAX 2018

Great news. ClueJar will have its own booth at PAX 2018! Come checkout Delivery Duck and GIFT (Good Interesting Times). Both games will be on offer to play, and you... more...

Yep, it's one of these again.

But look, this one's different. I personally cry a tear of joy for each signup. I will only notify you when I have something important to say such a game going live on Kickstarter or my mum's recipe for potato & leek soup.