A word game for 2 to 6 players where you say interesting sentences and collect body parts.

You’ve been invited to a party where everyone’s dead. You’re having a great time when you suddenly realise… you’re dead too! The only way to get back to life is to appease the God of Life. The God of Life seeks sacrifice, but not of the physical kind. You must speak witty sentences and entertain for your passage home.

Letters appear before you, made from the bones of those who disappointed. Each word in your sentence must start with these letters. The God of Life loves certain keywords. If you can secretly put a keyword from a Key Card into your sentence then you gain a Body Part. Collect all 5 to win.

However, the God of Death is also listening. If other players can guess your keyword then they take your Body Parts. Can you outwit the God of Death and entertain the God of Life with some Good Interesting Fun Times?

  • Sneak keywords into your sentences.

  • 500 keys allow up to 10,000 keywords!

  • Collect Body Parts to win.

  • Use the God of Life to your advantage.

The Science Behind GIFT

GIFT Key Cards contain the most common starting letters of words in the English language. These starting letters are called “keys” in the game but in linguistics are called ngrams (portions of a word). The game designer is a programmer by day and wrote a program to crunch 30,000 words into 500 ngrams. With just 500 ngrams you can say 10,000 common words!

The resulting ngrams were then randomly grouped such that each Key Card will have a similar amount of possible words that can be made.

Getting a copy

GIFT is coming to Kickstater February 2019. Signup to the newsletter to be notified when it launches!


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