You’ve been invited to a party where everyone’s dead. You’re having a great time when you suddenly realise… you’re dead too! The only way to get back to life is to appease the God of Life. The God of Life seeks sacrifice, but not of the physical kind. You must speak witty sentences and entertain for your passage home.

GIFT (Good Interesting Fun Times) is a word game / party game where you create sentences containing secret keywords. In a round each player thinks of a sentence from a shared set of Letter Cards. Each word in your sentence must start with a letter that matches a Letter Card. The God of Life loves certain keywords. If you can secretly put a keyword from a Keyword Card into your sentence then you gain a Body Part. Collect all 5 Body Parts to win.

However a few of your mortal friends have crashed the party too. If other players can guess your keyword then they get the Body Part. Can you outwit your friends and entertain the God of Life with some Good Interesting Fun Times?

Yep, it's one of these again.

But look, this one's different. I personally cry a tear of joy for each signup. I will only notify you when I have something important to say such a game going live on Kickstarter or my mum's recipe for potato & leek soup.