SPIEL was intense. It takes 10 minutes to walk from one side to the other. This place is so much fun just to walk around.

This was our first time at Spiel and first time publicly playing testing Delivery Duck. Running a stall is an extroverts game ;) Luckily my girlfriend was there to give a bit of sunshine and we made it through. I learnt a lot about my game, the good, the bad and how to fix it.

My best moment was when a guy came over and I did the usual spiel about Delivery Duck. He said he really liked the game and very genuinely gave me a handshake. He told me about the game he was making and it clicked in my head that his was one of the top 10 games on GeekBuzz by BoardGameGeek! I congratulated him :) He was lovely and it was nice to have someone that good like the game, even though it’s a fairly simple family game.

If you’d like to see Delivery Duck happen please support the Kickstarter. It will be launching in January. Until then I’ll keep working on it!

Yep, it's one of these again.

But look, this one's different. I personally cry a tear of joy for each signup. I will only notify you when I have something important to say such a game going live on Kickstarter or my mum's recipe for potato & leek soup.