You’re a duck, in a truck, delivering stuff…
unfortunately ducks aren’t very good at deliveries.

In Delivery Duck: The Mobile Game you’re tasked with delivering cargo to its destination. Trouble is the cargo isn’t tied down because ducks just don’t “get it”. Cargo slides off your vehicle and it’s up to you to flap your wings to keep your goods from becoming damaged goods.

  • Interesting Mechanic

    Flap your duck’s wings up or down to rotate your vehicle. Tilt your vehicle to keep cargo on.

  • 3 Unique Vehicles

    Will you master the nimble Truck, the powerful Tractor or the age-old Trebuchet?

  • Cargo in all shapes and sizes

    4 types of cargo with different characteristics:

    • Crate - A simple classic. Tasty.
    • Grand Piano - Top heavy and ready to tip.
    • Whale - Why? Only the ducks know.
    • Titanic - Reunite her with the sea.
  • 5 Levels

    5 levels of varying terrain:

    • Risky Road
    • Country Road
    • Mountain Pass
    • Winter’s Revenge
    • Mount Pain


The game is available for the low price of FREE!

Play game on iPhone/iPad

Play game on Android


While released, we’re welcome to the following feedback:

Thank you for playing the game. Please send feedback to info at


Developed by ClueJar.


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