You’re a duck, in a truck, delivering stuff…
unfortunately ducks aren’t very good at deliveries.

Cargo falls off your vehicle and other players will try to steal your cargo!

  • Elegant Movement

    There’s 12 spaces on the board. You can either go around the edge or shortcut through the middle. Taking a shortcut involves risk!

  • 2 to 6 Players!

    The board was built from the ground up to support 2 to 6 players. Turns are short and actions can be played out of turn.

  • Random Terrain

    5 different types of terrain make up the board. Each terrain type affects movement differently.

  • Asymmetric Vehicles

    Each vehicle has its own unique ability and set of upgrades. Should you upgrade your Truck or venture out into the world of Tractors and Trebuchets?

  • Action Cards

    Help yourself on your turn, or hinder someone else on theirs.

  • Cargo

    Cargo comes in 3 types; Crates, Barrels and Whales.

What people are saying

Delivery Duck has been demoed at SPIEL 2016, PAX Aus 2017 and PAX Aus 2018. It was well received at the most recent PAX with The Boardgame Detective saying on Instagram:

the_boardgame_detective: This game was easily my highlight of #paxaus. This pick up and deliver game by @cluejar was so fun to play and easy to learn. I absolutely loved being able to upgrade my delivery vehicle to a catapult! Can’t wait for this!

A message from the designer

With Delivery Duck I was inspired by triangles, specifically by how every square contains 2 triangles, and the diagonal line through the square is a shorter distance than going around the 2 sides. I wanted to make a game that:

The game is built to support 6 players from the ground up… so you no longer have to worry about how many friends you have. Turns are relatively short and you can play certain actions out of turn.

And what other game uses whales with such reckless abandon?

Getting a copy

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