To be colorblind and not be able to play a game or use an interface because of it would suck. Let’s fix that problem by adding simple icons alongside colors.

I developed this standard while working on Delivery Duck. There are other standards out there but I was frustrated with a few things:

The Icons

ClueJar Colorblind Standard

The Criteria

Icons have been selected based on 3 criteria:

Though there could be an object better associated with a particular colour, the right balance has to be found; the object also has to be a unique shape and easy to identify and remember

Purple for example was a tough color to crack, not many objects are purple and ones that are (such as eggplant) aren’t easily identifiable. In this case an easily identifiable object with a unique shape was chosen.


Place the icons within or on top of their associated color, or any way that works with your game/interface.

For Delivery Duck we placed the icons like so:


Simple download this SVG file and modify to your needs. Please keep the icons themselves the same shape, but you may modify the circle border and place the icons anywhere you wish.



Sent infrequently when there is important news or when a game is launching on Kickstarter. Want GIFT or Delivery Duck? This is the next step.